Thinking of studying at the University of Luxembourg?

9 Jun

Need an honest opinion about what to expect when coming in Luxembourg? Go on!

On this website you can check what other students say about the University`s programmes (both BA&MA), accomodation, living costs and so much more.

Below you can find some small reviews:

“I think the University of Luxembourg is a very attractig destination for bachelor students. Luxembourg is definitely a very easy place to live in and the career placement is so much easier than in other neighboring countries. The University fees are very cheap (just 200 euros per semester) which makes it very affordable as well. Teachers on campus are available for personal advice and the relatively small student body facilitates exchange among students.” (Studied Bachelor en Sciences Economiques et de Gestion (academic) at the University of Luxembourg)

“What I like about my program is the fact that it is held in 3 languages (EN, FR, DE) and I have to opportunity to improve and learn langauges. Also, my MA is truly multicultural, I have collegueas from all around the world and I can easily get to know other cultures.” (Studied Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts at the University of Luxembourg)

Missing the snow?

6 Feb

So, we are in February, the last month of winter (theoretically), but there hasn`t been here any wintertime, no snow, no ice, no cold temperatures. Maybe this is a good thing, but somehow I miss it. Soon the exams` period will be over and we all have an inter-semestrial holiday. If you don`t go back home (where maybe you can experience real winter time), I suggest you to try ice-skating at Kockelscheuer. The tickets are cheap and affordable for students and there we can finally have a glimpse of winter`s joys!

Looking for an internship or a job?

1 Dec

Are you graduating soon and looking for your first job? Or, do you search for an internship, to add value to your resume? Come at, a career fair organised by the University of Luxembourg every year for its students.

This year, will take place on Thursday, the 12th of December from 10.00 at  Parc des expositions LUXEXPO (10 circuit de la Foire Internationale, L-1347 Luxembourg). The great thing at this career fair is that you can go and interact with the responsibles from your favourite companies, you can leave your CV, ask for pieces of advice and even to set up a meeting.

Among the companies and organisations attending the fair, there are:

  • Accenture
  • Arendt&Medernach
  • BIL
  • Banque Raiffeisen
  • Deloitte Luxembourg
  • European Union Institutions
  • Paul Wurth
  • SES etc.

Don`t miss this opportunity to get in touch with the labour maket here and build your career! See you there!

Here you can find the online brochure of!